Thursday, 8 April 2021

Totty of the Season

Gregory Peck (5th April 1916 – 12th June 2003)

Michael Fassbender (born 2nd April 1977)

Duncan James (born 7th April 1978)

Marlon Brando (3rd April 1924 – 1st July 2004)

Miguel Bosé (born 3rd April 1956)

Anthony Perkins (4th April 1932 – 12th September 1992)

John Schneider (born 8th April 1960)

[not-so-] Li'l Nas X (born 9th April 1999)

Dennis Quaid (born 9th April 1954)

Robert Downey Jr. (born 4th April 1965)

John Gavin (8th April 1931 – 9th February 2018)


  1. What a bevvy of beauties. For the record. Fassbinder? To the right. Brando, Bose', Schnieder? To the left? Lil Nas X? Well, I know where I'd like him to place it :) Peck and Perkins... cuties, but so odd. So many secrets. And Brando? I had no idea he was all over the board. He was hot back in the beginning. Thanks for these. I love this kind of romance.

    1. "The greatest romance that's ever been sold
      So what do you know, you and me
      Finally face to face
      Checking each other up and down
      In all of the obvious places"

      - Prince

      "To the left", "to the right" - it's all a happy game of "show and tell"!


  2. some VERY handsome menz here.
    fuck schneider, he is a MAGAt.
    peck, perkins, brando - REAL actors!

    1. It's quite a smorgasbord of tasty treats again, isn't it? Jx

  3. Gregory Peck, oh yes.

    How does one explain Dennis Quaid versus Randy Quaid?

    1. Randy Quaid fell out of the Ugly Tree, and hit every branch on the way down. Jx

  4. I had to see what all the fuss was about with Little Nas's new video and I liked it, so fun and colorful! Apparently, the good Christian Republicans of the US were clutching their pearls over it. Ha,ha,ha

    1. I haven't watched it yet. Being no fan of hip-hop/R'n'B/urban music, it's no surprise, really. I'll get around to it eventually. He is a good advocate for breaking down the macho hetero cliches that surround that type of music however, and sexy to boot, so there's lots to forgive there... Jx

    2. Here's a link to it so it's easy for you to find. It seemed like a fast 3 minutes to me. Something about the set design reminded me of Barbarella so I watched that later the same night. Still a fun movie.

  5. I thought Miguel Bosé was a young Jeremy Irons! Apologies.

  6. Well, this is quite a season! Gregory Peck (his grandson, Ethan - the new Spock - is also quite the looker), Michael Fassbender, Anthony Perkins, Bo Duke (not John Schneider), Dennis Quaid (oh, that towel scene! Innerspace was my favourite film for quite some time because of that), and... John Gavin! My gods, he is stunning! I've never heard of him until today, but what a fox!

    1. You've not seen Psycho?! Mr Gavin's topless scenes with Janet Leigh [bitch!] were one of the - ahem - joys of that movie. He was also the "comic turn"/love interest for Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie and Julius Caesar in Spartacus...

      I felt exactly the same about Innerspace, purely because of Mr Quaid's gorgeous arse. Jx

    2. No, I just haven't got around to Psycho yet. Or Thoroughly Modern Millie, or Spartacus (except the small portion that's shown in Clueless)...

      Oh, dear. It seems I'm rather terrible at seeing must-see films.


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