Saturday, 20 April 2019

Full bloom ahead

Tulip Gavota in the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers

Another glorious sunny day - and on a Bank Holiday weekend; unheard of! - and, needless to say, I have spent it tending to the garden, as well as shopping for more compost and bits'n'bobs.

I am weary, but happy at how it is coming along. What better way to relax that in the company of some gorgeous people in exotic locations - courtesy of Soft Tempo Lounge, of course?


[Music: Sunfish - Unknown artist (Robert Hall Productions)]


  1. What extravagantly beautiful tulips. I never had any luck with tulips, they were just expensive mole food.

    1. We have never grown them in the ground, always in pots - and luckily they love dry and hot conditions, which means one less pot to worry about watering too often. They'll also be in the bin once the flowers go. They're so cheap to buy, there is little reason to treat them as anything more than annuals when one is pushed for space. Jx

  2. Next year I will have tulips! Yours are gorgeous.
    Re: the weather - I am a little bit pink in places [I did use sun screen!]

    1. Oh, it has been gorgeous, hasn't it?! Worth getting pink for... Jx

      PS you being in the balmy South west and all, tulips in a sunny position should perform brilliantly for you.

    2. Hello Ms Scarlet.
      The tulip is Gavota and well worth a go

  3. I'm not really a fan of tulips, but I rather like these as they remind me of the giant monster plant from the titles of Star Trek: Discovery. Bravo! You always put on a good show, Jon.

    "C'est la vie", or the theme from "Allo Allo"?

    1. Edith: "Tonight I will sing as I have never sung before."
      René: "What, in tune?"

      Tulips are an acquired taste, but they're brilliantly coloured when just about everything else is just green (even the daffs have gone over), they're scented (Gavotta is, anyway), and their season is over and done with in about three weeks, when summer begins in earnest. What's not to love?


  4. A cheeky little Soft Tempo Lounge is always a joy


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