Monday, 26 December 2022

Spinning around

On this Tacky Music Boxing Day Monday, here's a little something I've recycled [with an updated video] from eight years ago...

It's worth remembering that this Festering Season is not just one Middle Eastern cult's baby-worship celebration, it's also another Middle Eastern cult's season for spinning weird toys.

From South Park, here's the fabulously odd Broflovski family with Cartman and Stan to explain the whole Hanukkah business in their own inimitable fashion:

Oh, and just because I love you, here* is a semi-naked man swinging round a stripper pole playing The Dreidel song on a clarinet!

And why not?

[* It refuses to be embedded]

L'chaim, dear reader!


  1. Toda raba. Pity about the naked pole-spinning clarinetist.Was it Benny Goodman, by any chance? Lochaim! Ah, what the heck...mazel tov!

  2. Replies
    1. They'd be even more useful if there was a bit of pipework from bottle to mouth... Jx

  3. To each their own.... everyone needs their rituals. I have mine. Performed in the privacy of my bathroom each morning and on those special occasions when I have a gentleman caller. What? To paraphrase an old lesbian... A douche is a douche is a douche, darling. Kizzes.

    1. Such a festive ritual. Out with the shit, in with the new... Jx


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