Tuesday 18 June 2024

Spin the wheel, relax

Oh, dear - the man who created a certain type of "Ibiza sound" that combined the rhythms of Brazil with '90s dance beats [yet he wasn't in the slightest bit "Latino", having been born in very-less-than-tropical Crewe, about as far from a beach as you could imagine] Dario G has departed for the club tent at Fabulon, aged just 53.

We need to pay tribute, methinks, by way of a paaaarty!!

And finally - who among us remembers that he collaborated with none other than our Patron Saint of Belting Vocals Dame Shirley Bassey?!

That song should have been so much bigger...

A talented man, and a sad loss.

RIP Dario G (born Paul Spencer, 1971 - 17th June 2024)


  1. That’s too young.
    Foot tapping here. RIP.

    1. It's very sad. At least we have his musical legacy to enjoy. Jx

  2. I was thinking of "Sunchyme" yesterday as I was walking to work in the sun. I must add it to Car II's playlist for the drive in next week.

    I didn't know Dario G had collaborated with Dame Shirl - I love it! (of course)

    1. I love it, too! (Needless to say). Why on earth it wasn't a hit is beyond me. The UK music-buying [? If that is even what they need to do in order for a song to get into the "charts" these days] public never ceases to amaze me! Jx

  3. The man was a genius and changed the world Dance music for ever.
    A great loss but we still have his legacy; which will be played, sampled and copied for ever and will give inspiration to the dance music of the future.
    As your selection proves

    1. Who knew such talent lurked in Crewe, of all places? A sad loss. Jx


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